It will never go out of style if you choose to build an oak frame house. This construction method brings a timeless appeal and warmth that is hard to surpass. Before you get lost in the planning and excitement of building a new home made from oak, here are some things you should know.

  1. Clean Your Oak Frames After They Are Erected

As soon as the construction phase of your trade oak frames is completed, you need to clean them. This can help remove any marks such as watermarks brought on by the building process. There are many products available that work well for this task.

Your supplier may provide this kind of service if you cannot do it yourself. Hiring someone to clean the oak frames for you is a convenient option as it can be time-consuming.

  1. The Seasoning Process Is Beneficial for the Oak Wood

Green oak has a high water content as it is considered an unseasoned timber. Oak will have some shakes on its structure, which is splits and cracks. But it does not negatively affect the oak. In fact, the natural seasoning process helps make the oak frame wood stronger.

Shrinking is natural on the oak frame but only for the width. The length of the oak frames will always be the same, so there will be no tennon coming out from the mortise. Talking to a specialist will make it easier for you to understand the oak seasoning process.

  1. Oak Beams Can Be Hidden
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