In Hong Kong (China), India, Singapore and South Korea

In these countries, buildings are often required to have more floors called refugee floors. This is an area with open space outside so that smoke does not accumulate in one place, helping to evacuate quickly in an emergency. Every 6 months, the fire protection system of buildings will be required to check. Fire fighting rehearsals to improve people’s coping capacity were also organized.

In Japan: the country has the best fire protection education system

Characteristics of Japanese architectural works are to use a lot of wooden materials, so it is easy to generate fire. Therefore, the fire room has become a strong consciousness handed down from generation to generation in Japan, with the following contents focused:

Education of FPF at all ages: In Japan, people can find signs of refugees in the event of a fire everywhere. All apartment buildings are equipped with flame and fire extinguisher tools. Japan’s fire protection content is one of the most important educational contents with the aim of bringing knowledge to each individual, helping them protect their lives, the safety of the community and the common property of society.

In books for preschoolers, the content of refugees in the event of natural disasters and hazards is also included in the teaching: how the children follow the instructions of adults, how to act and move. This educational content is repeated and rehearsed since the Japanese were children until they became adults working in public agencies every … Read More