It will never go out of style if you choose to build an oak frame house. This construction method brings a timeless appeal and warmth that is hard to surpass. Before you get lost in the planning and excitement of building a new home made from oak, here are some things you should know.

  1. Clean Your Oak Frames After They Are Erected

As soon as the construction phase of your trade oak frames is completed, you need to clean them. This can help remove any marks such as watermarks brought on by the building process. There are many products available that work well for this task.

Your supplier may provide this kind of service if you cannot do it yourself. Hiring someone to clean the oak frames for you is a convenient option as it can be time-consuming.

  1. The Seasoning Process Is Beneficial for the Oak Wood

Green oak has a high water content as it is considered an unseasoned timber. Oak will have some shakes on its structure, which is splits and cracks. But it does not negatively affect the oak. In fact, the natural seasoning process helps make the oak frame wood stronger.

Shrinking is natural on the oak frame but only for the width. The length of the oak frames will always be the same, so there will be no tennon coming out from the mortise. Talking to a specialist will make it easier for you to understand the oak seasoning process.

  1. Oak Beams Can Be Hidden or Exposed

While most types of wood are stunning to look at, the construction method usually conceals those attractive woods. But, with oak frames, you do not have to hide them.

The beams would look great whether internally or externally. For example, choose a half-timbered appearance by using timbers in half width. This method is also useful in preventing problems such as allowing cold to enter the area.

  1. Finishing Is Not Necessary With Oak

While your oak frames need some cleaning, it does not need any finishing. Time is its friend as it gradually becomes a silver-grey color. You may opt to maintain the original shade of the oak by using certain solutions such as wax oils.

Oiling is beneficial for the oak as water stains can produce marks on the frame, particularly in areas that are susceptible to wet like the bathroom or kitchen. However, you need to do the process every year, and it requires a bit of time and effort.

  1. Oak Frames Are Also Great for Extensions

Just as the oak frames are commonly used for new home construction, you can also use them for extension projects. If you need an additional space at home, plan an extension instead of moving house. Also, there is some home extension with the use of oak that does not require planning permission. Consult with the experts to ensure your extension project will last for a long time.

  1. It Is Best to Work With a Design Specialist

You will want to live in a house that looks like it is done with the experts. Find a company that has a lot of experience in working with oak timber. There are companies that provide oak frame home design or self-build kits. They are useful in helping you get the design you want, for example, if you want to put gas fires Stockport in your interior.

  1. It Is Possible to Incorporate Steel in Your Home Design

Planning an oak frame house does not mean it would not work well with other materials such as steel. When steel is used, it is typically concealed under other materials. It helps strengthen the carpentry joints. If you want an industrial appeal in your interior, oak frames and steel bolts are a good combination.

You have a wide range of design options when timber frames have steel sections inside them. You can have barrel roofs, gas fires Burnley, curved walls, etc.

  1. An Oak Frame House can be Cost-Effective

Oak frame houses are not just for people with large budgets. You can have good quality oak construction even if you have a tight budget. You may use oak frames in the main structures and key areas. Use it as big posts and beams instead of installing them for all joists. Talk to your supplier for options that would be cost-effective for you. For example, they do the complete construction of materials off-site then deliver them to your property.


The options for your oak frame house should be vast. This is where you need to find the right company to help you accomplish your goal. You want a team that is armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience about oak frames and home building.