No one ever looks forward to spring cleaning. It’s the one time of the year when people all across the country go through their homes. Spring cleaning gives you the chance to throw away broken items you kept around and donate the clothing and toys that your family no longer needs. While most people do their dishes, mop floors, vacuum carpets and do other basic cleaning during the year, they put off washing the windows and wiping down walls until the spring. With some easy tips, you can more efficiently clean your home this spring and keep track of all the tasks that you need to do.

Create a Schedule

Before spring arrives, get a notebook and write down a list of all the tasks you hope to accomplish. Go through each room in your house as you write down a list of things that need completed. Be as thorough as possible and include cleaning tasks you seldom do and those you aren’t sure you’ll have time to finish. You can then create a schedule that divides those chores into more manageable tasks. Kids and anyone else living in your home can help.

Divide Supplies

Do not start a single item on your list without first making sure that you have all the supplies. Getting halfway through a cleaning project and realizing that you ran out of supplies or don’t have the right products on hand is a hassle. Create a list that includes everything you need for each item on your list or schedule. You can then divide up the supplies to make sure that you have enough for all those jobs. This may require buying a few extra products or supplies.

Organize Products

There are two different ways that you can organize the cleaning products that you need. The first is with ordinary plastic buckets like those you might use for mopping. You can pick up buckets in different colors from dollar stores. Use a marker to write the name of the cleaning task on each one. You can also use these buckets for cleaning specific rooms in your home. Fill each one with all the supplies and products that you need. You can also use carts similar to those used in the cleaning departments of hotels. Hotel casters on the base of the carts help you maneuver one across carpet, tile and any other surface in your home.

Get Help

While you and your family can handle most cleaning tasks around the home, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals when you feel that you need help. Removing mildew and algae from your roof is potentially dangerous because you might slip and fall. Roofs can remove those substances and clean your gutters too. You’ll find companies in your area that specialize in other types of cleaning like window washing and siding cleaning. Those companies use power washers and other types of equipment that cost significantly more than it would cost to hire someone to use those tools.

Spring cleaning can take a few weeks, a full month or even longer. It depends on how thoroughly you want to clean your home and its size. When you create a schedule and organize all the products that you need, you can more easily finish everything on your list.